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Miniatura Records

Miniatura Records is a new net.label.


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Humeka (LesIzmo:r, Yuki Yaki, Rodoid) develops a thematic EP, going through the passing of the seasons, carrying along different minimal interpretations and emphasizing his unique experimental style. To enhance the spirit of this outstanding EP we appealed to luxury remixes by: Christian Walt, cofounder of legendary Interdisco netlabel; Keinzweiter, creator of spontanMusik; Tilman, who runs the impressive Klamauk label; choenyi (Stereo-Type, Random Access, Kreislauf, Miniatura), one of the...
Topics: netlabet, free, download, techno, minimal, experimental, deep, 320kbps
Miniatura Records
Noid from Italy brings a smashy classy minimal techno release. Introducing Paulice´s new alias called Lil´Piggy, conceived in hell for more syncopated breaky and experimental styles, which made 2 remixes, and another eclectic one by our new guy in the crew, Aerodynamik.
Topics: minimal techno, experimental, 2step, drum and bass, netlabel, free download, club, djing,...
Aerodynamik is a new argentinian minimalist dj/producer who is presenting his debut material in Miniatura, with Mandoleiro & Oberstadt, he offers us two ethnic and percussive minimal techno tracks, while Interesting Sexxx brings a dark vocal trip followed by synth chords accents. E-teb (Diplomatik, Clear Cut) brings out all the funk with a solid tech house remix. Glander (Yuki Yaki), appealing to his characteristic style, makes a dub hit. Shiro Takara (Bump Foot) makes an...
Topics: minimal, techno, club, electronic, djing, tech house, house, minimalist, experimental, idm, 2-step,...
great work by Sven Laux, to show that he can work out several styles in the frame of minimal genre, supported by incredible remixes by humeka, keinzweiter, d.soul, tilman, crek & sirous & christian szer.
Topics: netlabet, free, download, techno, minimal, club, experimental, deep, dub, tech house
Grau goes for his first solid LP release on his own label, accompanied by a few well known artists from our crew, such as Grifin`(Silicate, Minibar, Mischievous, Tilman (Klamauk), Dr. Nojoke (Archipel, Mischievous, Leporelo, Dope), Coeter One (Miniatura, Mischievous, Genesa), Leaks (Climbero, Drag), Bombilla (Miniatura,Trapez,Tanzbar), and Lwk (Miniatura,Drag Music). The best things in life are free is a combination between jazz, funk and house influences mixed up with minimal thinking. The...
Topics: minimal, house, funk, jazz, deep house, dancefloor, djing, free download, clubbing, netlabels,...
Spanish artist SeQ presents his last top work supported by his local partners on scene Neroh Wassa and Egho. Plenty of deep dark minimal ambients.
Topics: netlabel, audio, minimal, deep, dark, djing, club, creative commons
Grifin`co-founder of Silicate netlabel presents a micro-house/glitch EP, full of melodic patterns sometimes funk, others, deep & dub. We complete this avant-garde EP including remixes by: Charlie Notfonk, 1/3 of famous Antislash trio, D.Soul, creator of Tropic netlabel; Paulice, Miniatura`s freakest half, Voiski, the other co-founder of french Silicate netlabel, and Jeff Willett, dub lover from Clear Cut records, DE. Voilà!
Topics: minimal, micro, micro-house, dub, funk, deep, house, techno, club, djing, mixing, netlabels, free...
Miniatura celebrates twice its 3 years anniversary, giving a place to all these different dancefloor approaches, from the most experimental textured approach to the most old schoolish orthodox; always being characterized by our minimalist point of view. Thanxs to all artists from the crew. Also we want to add an special mention to those who also run netlabels as: Christian Walt (Interdisco, CH), Dr. Nojoke (Unoiki, DE), Seq & Neroh Wassa (Doma, ES), Datatraxx (Tonkultur Berlin, DE), Blurix...
Topics: netlabel, free download, club, djing, minimal, techno, house, deep, dub, electronic
Miniatura celebrates its anniversary, offering high quality mp3 netreleases since 2007. Introducing this 1st part, called "Apero Concert", Miniatura team give away the only minimal spirit to extend their planning horizons into alternative beats. "It's been 3 years since Miniatura started, and there isn't a single day we haven't been committed to this project, it`s more than a label/netlabel, it's a family, and we're proud of it. Miniatura, as well, is giving the oportunity to...
Topics: miniatura, anniversary, mp3, 320 kbps, netlabel, free download, djing, club, homelistening,...
Miniatura Records
Alfadeo is an electronic band (some boys and a girl) from Freiburg, Germany, they are specialists in dub sounds. Between their work they include live recordings and live performances. More info at
Topics: netlabel, free download, 320 kbps, electronica, dub, experimental, minimal, micro house, glitch,...
Miniatura Records
by MIniatura Records
Released: 12/04/08 Catalogue: miniatura027 Artist: Loopin Name: Deep Blue EP Quality: 320kbps MP3 Country: Spain This reference is the combination of deep and weird ideas from loopin, and music.He develpes a unique sound that make's you loose in the loop. Some strange feeling of dizziness will attack your body, but trust us, you won't fall. Our loved Dualismºº friends has made the weirdest and high tech remix ever. It speaks for itself. Medu added the techno minimal clubby sound to this...
Topics: miniatura, loopin, Deep Blue EP
Argentinian Manuel Romero delights in us. On this occasion, he brings you some warm older works...
Topics: miniatura records, tech-house, deep house, dj, club, dance, 2012, mix
Spanish artist Neroh Wassa presents his style in this EP, a sort of fusion between minimal and experimentalism, full of background submerged into darkness. Also includes solid remixes by SeQ, Long Bong and Lil+ Piggy
Topics: minimal, house, techno, club, music, djing, dancefloor, downtempo, tech house, experimental, idm,...
Shotten Synapse is a polifacetic artist from Eastern Europe. This time he develops minimal glitch & groovy material, with a definite tendency towards experimental.
Topics: netlabel, free download, 320 kbps, experimental, minimal, micro house, glitch, djing, club, groove,...
Miniatura Records
This time we offer a dj tool EP worth to keep in your dj case, consisting of older works from french artist Max Fader (Multi Vitamins, Metroline)
Topics: minimal, dancefloor, techno, club, netlabel, free download, 320 kbps, Max Fader, miniatura
Our last edition of the various artists 5th anniversary compilation. Coming up with a trully dancefloor proof, to specially get lost into all particular visions and personal grooves, given by Peter Spiess (DE), Rodrigo Rivera (AR), Martin Bellomo (AR), Datatraxx (DE), Moog Control (BR), Blurix (HR), Humeka (FR), Fake_Electronics (CA) -also heard under the moniker Ana+One-, Onkel Brutalo (AR), and Paulice & Onkel Brutalo duet for closing.. Some legendary artists from the crew, from general...
Topics: netaudio, netlabel, free download, 320 kbps, dj, minimal, electronica, techno, tech house, breaks,...
Brainy Spears is a new alias from a friend of the house...We wont say much more, we just need you to listen!!! Keeping on running :)
Topics: miniatura records, minima, tech-house, experimental, underground, dj, club, dance, 2012, mix
Quebecois Maxime Tanguay, founder of Pertin-Nce netlabel, collaborates with us, summerging on a whole dub adventure...
Topics: dub, minimal, techno, house, experimental, dubstep, netaudio, download, 320 mp3
Miniatura Records
by bleupulp
bleupulp ( delights us once again with his dubby minimalist atmospheres.. enjoy! more info:
Topics: netaudio, netlabel, miniatura records, pertin-nce, canada, minimal, dub, techno, experimental,...
Young argentinian gives few funny minimal grooves supported by his friends, already known Gabriel Ferreira and Grau.
Topics: minimal, dancefloor, techno, club, netlabel, free download, 320 kbps
Miniatura Records
by Miniatura Records
Soroa - Erase un ep This is the combination of a lot of dark noises,techy basslines and soroa's darkest side ;) Nice work for you to hear. tracks: 1.Soroa - Señor atomico 2.Soroa - Atomico mato al quien 3.Soroa - Atomico mato al quien (Mirco Violi Atomic Bubbles Remix) 4.Soroa - Quien mato al capitan 5.Soroa - Quien mato al capitan (Hernan Grau Remix)
Topics: miniatura, miniatura010, soroa, erase un ep, miniatura records
Skitish brings you this groovy and danceable release, with strong basslines and tricky sounds. To complete the release, a brainwasher remix of greatest Markus Masuhr from Insectorama.
Topics: minimal, netlabel, insectorama, miniatura, free, dancefloor, club
Paulice and Grifin come back with this EP produced few years ago, going for soulful, jazzy and funky hints; resulting in smooth grooves infused with deepness and melancholy, giving the air of some bittersweet longing, leading you into a doomed fate, but still charming...
Topics: micro, minimal, deep, house, ambient, experimental, jazz, funky, soul, netlabels, mp3, 320 kbps
Miniatura Records
by miniatura records
Topics: miniatura records, miniatura, andy james, memou
AlPlâkx is an electronic music project from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since his childhood, Mauro showed a special interest for drums, instrument that he plays since the age of 12. By the year 2001, he got completely involved into Argentinean electronic scene. At the age of 17, he began to play at several nightclubs. Finally, AlPlâkx solo project, gave birth to his first CD-LTD solo album, towards an experimental dub sound, released in 2007 by Zero Records. This time, he built an EP for...
Topics: dub, techno, house, club, experimental, dubstep, idm, netaudio, download, mp3
Trigerfinger was created at the end of 2008 in Thessaloniki (Greece) by two brothers Christos and Fotis Papadakis. The abstract figures in visual arts that Christos had in mind, are trying to transform into minimal sounds that Fotis had dreamed. Mainly Influenced by the ideas and texts of dadaism , randomness and spontaneity are key ingredients in building their music. They have released their material in labels like Rodoid, Bleepsequence and Elektrotribe.
Topics: minimal, micro, micro-house, dub, funk, deep, house, techno, club, djing, mixing, netlabels, free...
This time is some time for myself, Hernan Grau, Miniatura Records founder, musically known as Grau or Clandestine. Look back to go forth represent some braking point in my life. It means that every once in a while you got to sum up and move forward. And that's what i did,this ain't new tracks, for some uncertain reasons this tracks started from 1 to 3 years ago, but i had to get them done to move forward in every sense. Deep dark vibes along with valuable vocals is what you can find in this...
Topics: miniatura records, clandestine, grau, netaudio, netlabel, minimal, deep house, house, underground,...
Shunsuke Akimoto from Japan gives us a new minimal house interpretation appealing to piano keys for this 2012 opening.
Topics: netlabel, minimal, house, free downloads, mixing, djing, club, 320 kbps
This is one we ve been waiting for: Storlon s Continumm Errors album for Miniatura netlabel. This trip starts with Diprivan, a whole induced relaxation; then subtly goes up with textured La Garde. Andres Marcos digs the bottom of it until he uncorks with a dance floor proof jazzy jam. We keep on our way to Red Clock Pulsatilla, falling into reggae-dub roots. Lil Piggy aka Paulice enhance the original mellos while adding a new interpretation. We continue this road to submerge into La Camera D...
Topics: netaudio, netlabels, djing, creative commons, minimal, experimental, jazz, reggae, dub, freestyle,...
Juan Farcik certainly changed his way: now he brings us a new deep tech house contribution based on his passion for ragtime piano and afro-american-infused music. Enjoy it!
Topics: deep, tech house, minimal, afroamerican, ragtime, piano, club, djing, mixing, free download,...
Hernan Bass celebrates his new EP on Miniatura forming a more edgy electronica style, also appealing to remixes by Duo, Favio M & Xtramol and Emma De Sèze. more info:
Topics: electronica, deep, dub, tech house, minimal, netlabels, audio, 320 kbps, free download, club, home...
Once and again... We celebrate our 5th year into the netaudio scene, always making music to give, trying to keep going besides the obstacles. For starting with this volume 1, we would like to go back to the creative origins in experimental electronic music, by appealling our crew and our special guests. This was possible thanks to Pachyderme (AR), Hernan Bass (AR), Egho (Doma, ES), Furz (AR), Myniciush (Unconventional, CO), Thomas Bethmont (FR), Scherbak Electronics (UA), Af-t (GR)and Revy...
Topics: electronic, netaudio, djing, home listening, free download, minimal, step, dubstep, experimental,...
We present this second edition of the various artists 5th year compilation. Into volume 2 we tried to get some balance mixing up experimental beats towards soft grooves. Thanxs to all artists involved: Juan Farcik (Abstrakt, AR), Grifin (Silicate, FR), El Cid Sampleador (AR), Ehn (AR), Oblongmonster (AU), Bleupulp (Pertin_nce, CA), AAAAA (Pit Spector - Antislash, Ava s Verden-, Tim Dornbusch and Grifin, FR), Alfadeo (DE), Cesar Chamero (ES) and Lil Piggy featuring DaNoisemann (AR). Wait for 3rd...
Topics: netlabel, miniatura, experimental, downtempo, chill out, minimal, tech house, djing, live, free...
Brausebruder from Ireland, makes his debut on Miniatura Records, with 2 pieces of the most twisted minimal, both sequenced in real-time, accompanied by PauliceS tool edit.
Topics: minimal, experimental, tech house, sequencing, live, club, djing, mix
To start 2011, ironic & funny grooves by Agile including a Paulice remix. Enjoy!
Topics: minimal, club, djing, tech house, house, free, free download, mp3, 320 kbps
Argentinian dj/producer Rodrigo Rivera presents his debut @Miniatura Records!
Topics: dancefloor, minimal, techno, club, djing, netlabel, free download, 320 kbps
About Zoran Relic, he builds himself experimenting the other side of different personal elements looking for a place in his own spatial universe of sound...
Topics: electronica, djing, club, downtempo, minimal, techno, free download, netlabel, 320 kbps
Vanilla Style, a Progressive House and Techno DJ from Lima, Peru, joins us with few classy proggy beats.
Topics: miniatura records, minimal, tech-house, progressive, underground, dj, club, dance, 2012, mix
Marteaux(Doma, MV) enters into Miniatura crew, combining minimalist darkness, deepness and a touch of delicious glitch.
Topics: netlabel, minimal, dark, deep, glitchy, abstract, free download, 320 kbps
Miniatura Records
by paulice
new release from netlabel miniatura records
Topics: minimal, techno, experimental, Argentina
netrelease number 39 of Miniatura Records
Topics: club, djing, free, download, free download, creative commons 3.0, minimal, experimental, micro
We start 2013 with a second reference by Alfadeo, a collective of sound and media artists from Freiburg, Germany and Basel, Switzerland. They produce electronic music, perform live acts, set up installations, create videos and digital photography. More info:
Topics: miniatura records, netlabel, dub, house, tech-house, dubstep, club, dance, live pa, alfadeo,...
Juan López aka Juan MP is a young artist from Mexico. He is the co-owner of the digital label Melodic Art Records. He also participated with Kreativa net label (MX). Now, he joins our team showing his melodic potential with a touch of melancholy, enjoy!
Topics: minimal, tech house, deep house, house, 2013, dj, mix, sets, electronica, free download, club,...
Miniatura Records
by Miniatura Records
Kobalt - Childhood nightmares Released:09/15/07 Miniatura records releases this fully hipnothic ep , really strong. The young Kobalt knows what his doing, you'll feel kinda lost when the tracks begin to play, it works like a charm! tracklist: 1. Kobalt - Childhood nightmares 2. Kobalt - In between hammocks 3. Kobalt - Hide and seek
Topics: miniatura records, miniatura, kobalt, childhood nightmares
Steven Reitz (co-founder of Tonkultur Berlin net) brings a classy piece of german sound: techno minimal between acid synths, deep dub and dark ambiances.
Topics: netlabet, free, download, techno, minimal, club
We are happy to announce the debut of Roberto Colella into our netlabel team, apart from giving us few jazzy house music pieces, full of feelings, he opens up about balance between being a war journalist and an electronic producer.
Topics: miniatura records, netaudio, netlabel, minimal, jazz, house, underground, dj, club, dance, 2012, mix
Christian swims towards minimal glitchy sounds fusionated with experimental sound sequences, he also adds a dark integrated background. Sven Laux constructed a nostalgic deep dubby techno trip with a touch of glitch, sure. Afterwards, we´ll remain an openminded position, cause Wub Wub brings out a special exploding remix only for d&b and dubstep fans!!. Foam show us how to get deep into a bassline and forget about the world combined with really dark ambiance and a neural trippy feeling....
Topics: glitch, minimal, club, dancefloor, free, download, netlabel
Miniatura Records
From Córdoba, Argentina, 7 13 Group present this minimal workout, building from consistent percussion attack and haunting dark backgrounds, to experimentalist sequences.
Topics: minimal, dark, dj, dancefloor, Argentina, netlabel, free, download
Miniatura records releases this minimal experimental sound, nice bass lines, and a lot of sound frequences like: plif, plof, tchh, brrimps...
Topics: netlabet, free, download, techno, minimal, club, experimental
Loopin gives thanks to our partners from for the loop packs. Dualismºº made the weirdest and high tech remix. Medu added the techno minimal clubby sound. And finally, Aless got the minimal tech side combining deep bassline with the dark voices indeed.
Topics: loops, free download,, miniatura, djing, club, dancefloor, minimal, techno
This EP is a second one of the complete trilogy.. The 1st part was released a year ago by Mmmp net-label: "What I Leave Behind" EP.. And this, the 2nd part is released by: Miniatura Records.. One more follows... This is a 3-track EP filled with experimental approach to techno, electro, mnml.
Topics: minimal, netlabel, audio, free download
Miniatura Records
We present: "Oico" by Pablo "Plex" Ventura. He also participates on experimental electronic rock/pop band called "Myte Y Sus Linternas Verdes". More info:
Topics: electronica, pop, minimalist, experimental, netaudio, free download, miniatura, netlabel, 320 kbps
Moog Control brings modern music that performances contemporary techno mixed up with experimental sound frequencies into a minimal frame, ranging from deep ambiances to aggressive grooves.
Topics: minimal, techno, dark, club, underground, netlabel, free download
Andy James (Klectik, Tek-Know) hits the dancefloor with this groovy, hypnotic, dynamic & 4-to-4-shaking release.
Topics: dancefloor, minimal, techno, club, djing
Miniatura crew release this compilation of all the artists who made miniatura records grew up. Always keeping the minimal sound you will find a really danceable album. We want to thanx to all the artists who got involved in this project
Topics: compilation, lp, miniatura, netlabel, free download, minimal
Juan Farcik (Preset, Morris Audio) found the minimal groove, filled in with noisy fxs, old skool synth melodies, deep backgrounds and dynamic drum sequences mixed up with his influences from 80s and 90s.
Topics: old skool, minimal, house, synth, netlabel, free download, dj, club
Paulice goes for her first netrelease: combining Canibal`s funky minimal groove, with dark backgrounds, distorted voices, latin percusion and detroit chords in 1990, and finally, old skool breakbeat sound but still minimalized with Tic-Tac.
Topics: Paulice, netlabel, free download, minimal, dj, breaks, club, experimental
Andrés Marcos reveals this piece of quality with a lot of analog sounds, clicky stuff, and a lot of groove.
Topics: netlabet, free, download, techno, minimal, club, experimental
This compilation is an exquisite selection of well known artists and new talents. Beggining with dark smooth and senseful sounds; along the 8 tracks fairly steady rhythm starts passing through modern groovy basslines till more dancefloor ones. Sublime glitches and minimalist dub techno sounds finishes this album and makes it easy to hear in any occasion.
Topics: lp, compilation, minimal, techno, experimental, miniatura
Safir develops the rhythm bringing up dark sounds mixed up with depths and serious glitch, giving us a result of an unusual deep powerful groove, specially in his track Minalco. Dr. Nojoke (Autist, Equaliteq, Loopzilla, Resopal Schallware) an exceptionally adroit remixer, brings us strange plunks and buzzes, misterious whispering, pushing sonic experimentation into a freakie minimal darkstep track. Eke (31337, Igloo) also gives his personal touch making a slick techy minimal remix.
Topics: dancefloor, minimal, step, club, free, netlabel, download
Miniatura records releases this ep with a deep, minimalistic hypnotic sound that flows along these 3 tracks
Topics: netlabet, free, download, techno, minimal, club, deep
This time CK two bring us some atmospheric powerful minimal plenty of sublte details. He also adds panning and clicky reverbered sounds. This trippy EP can start your mind flowing away...away to all that you despise along the way to close your eyes.
Topics: minimal, experimental, Germany, netlabel, insectorama, free, download
Adjacent mucosa is a trip for your subconscious mind, minimal charged, with fresh and darked sounds
Topics: netlabet, free, download, techno, minimal, experimental
Trully hypnotic EP, working like a charm...
Topics: netlabet, free, download, techno, minimal, club, dancefloor
30th release of miniatura records netlabel by Steven Reitz from Germany, co-founder of Tonkultur Berlin netlabel.
Topics: miniatura, netlabel, techno, minimal, german, dancefloor
Argentinian Bubbaloop feels full of the juices of youth and brings us high-energy minimal techno, but also a techy touch and freaky fxs, making very uplifting tracks. Segeke (Geometricdeck) turned down the speed and made such an awesome soft smooth remix, sumerging us into a deep trip base on insinuating female vocals. Finally, Mirco V hits again this time with a magical funky glitchy groove.
Topics: netlabel, free, download, dancefloor, club, minimal, techno
Genius 8 bring us this conjunction of old skool & newer sounds, strong basslines & dark ambient feeling...
Topics: netlabet, free, download, techno, minimal, club, deep
Hi peps! This is Hernan. Also this is my 1st album on our netlabel, I had few tracks flowing around and thought about starting to release in here :) Ibuprofen is known to have an antiplatelet effect , added to the isolate concept. Is kind of my transition between techno and something even more minimal .Tracks are from middle 2007. The remixes were made by my Argentinian mates and Seed.
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Topics: minimalm, techno, djing, club, dancefloor, free download
Hot dancefloor stuff with clever melodies
Topics: netlabet, free, download, techno, minimal, club, dancefloor
Alex delivers this masterpiece, melodic sounds with hypnotic effect following unrestricted lines
Topics: netlabet, free, download, techno, minimal, club, deep
This italian artist came up with banging groovy minimal with incredible basslines, & twisted noises.
Topics: netlabet, free, download, techno, minimal, club
César explores his darker side, with melodic sounds, shadoW clicks and glitchy noises. All that putting accent on breaks and powerful basslines. Incredible remixes by 2 Miniatura´s friends: Alex Medina and Andrés Marcos.
Topics: netlabel, club, free download, minimal, techno, spain
This time Playmod release a deep trip: clip-clopping beats slinked to a fluctuating watery bassline (Madmen have no sympathetic poems), an instrumental side with acoustic guitar synths (Lola there´s a butterfly), also noisy backgrounds mixed up with dry snarehats (Ili) V-Sexion makes the trip even deeper with fulffy low-end dynamics and glitchy jazz vocal bits, while Bubbaloop keeps developing his passion for techno underscore suggestive pitch-shifted vocals.
Topics: deep, minimal, club, techno, free, download, dancefloor, netlabel
Twisted, funny glitch, dark vocals just for grooving smoothly, including Guti´s remix, strongly affected by depths and shadows...
Topics: netlabet, free, download, techno, minimal, club, deep, dark
Soroa develops this combination of dark noises & techy basslines
Topics: netlabet, free, download, techno, minimal, club